garage owners get it half right

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Dear Auto Repairer,

We’re a lot alike, you and me …

Like you, I make my living as a small business owner.  Also like you, my specialty is finding better ways to manage my business.

And like many who will read this letter, I’ve been a garage proprietor and auto repairer providing service and repairs for a select group of clients.

We probably got started the same way, too.  For my first few years or so in business, I focused 100% of my time, attention and energy on learning my trade.

I studied every book I could lay my hands on to learn about motors, transmissions, brakes and electronics.

When the postman arrived at 10:30 each day, I met him in the driveway … snatched the tech bulletins out of his hand … made a beeline for my office … and studied those technical reports as if they were Holy Writ.

And, sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could service and repair cars with the best of them.

But then, about 27 years ago, I began to actually meet other garage proprietors and auto repairers.  And when we talked, I made a discovery that blew my mind …

One auto repairer I admired – a master I wouldn’t compete against for all the money in the world – actually earned much LESS each year than I did!

Even more surprising:  A “so-so” mechanic – a guy whose work I had beaten time and time again – actually made MORE money than me.

And not just a little bit more, either; two to three times more!

“How could this be?!” I wondered.  How in the world does this mediocre mechanic – this … HACK – earn so much …?

While the auto repairer – one of the all-time greats – makes so much less?

The answer struck me like a bolt of lightning.  And that single, electrifying moment of clarity – that blinding epiphany – has put larger deposits in my bank account – even during economically challenging times like these!

Learning your craft and providing great value to your clients is essential …

But it’s only HALF of the equation that turns good auto shops into RICH ones.

The other half of the equation – the half that the vast majority of people in our industry completely miss is this …

While you’re honing your craft, it is also essential to perfect the BUSINESS end of your business!

I’m talking about …

      • Finding the clients you’ll be able to help the most …
      • … And who’ll also be happy to make you rich as you make their motoring more enjoyable.
      • Creating relationships that guarantee your client he’ll get 100% of your best; 100% of the time …
      • … And that also help you give him better work while making your job easier.
      • Creating “win-win” promotions that guarantee your client you’ll be available to give him what he needs – when he needs it …
      • … And that also guarantee you’ll be paid top dollar for every hour you work.
      • Refining your “people skills” in ways that guarantee your relationship will be a pleasure for both of you …
      • … And that also keep you, your client and your entire team focused on the only thing that really matters:  Maximizing your client’s motoring experience and your income!
      • And most importantly, doing what must be done to keep great, high-paying clients with you for years, even decades.

It took me a quarter-century to learn

the half of this business most people miss.

I’d like to give you a crash course

in multiplying your income

in just sixty minutes …


No, I ’m not going to insult your intelligence by promising you that you’ll suddenly begin making $100,000 a month or around a million dollars each year like some of my clients do.

We both know it’ll take time for you to get to $1 million a year – let alone $2 million.

And let’s face it, not everyone has the work ethic, commitment or even the desire to break through the seven-figure barrier.

But would you say an extra $10,000 or so every 30 days could help you get your family through this difficult economic crisis in style?

Would an extra $100,000 … $250,000 or even $500,000 a year ease your mind, help you sleep better at nights and get you through these tough times smelling like a rose?

If your answer is “Yes!” … I want to help.

Over the past year, I have distilled my entire auto management system into five simple steps that include…

      1. What to do to turn your business into a profitable enterprise.
      2. Getting the right management team on board.
      3. Maximising the business you’re in … your sales, customer service and productivity.
      4. Geometrically growing your advertising and marketing strategies.
      5. Finding the hidden assets and overlooked opportunities locked away inside your business.

Until now, only a tiny handful of auto repairers have ever seen any of this material.  And even they have only seen parts of it.

Now, for the first time, it’s available to you – in a single product.  We call it …

The Better Business Mentoring Program

I hold nothing back in the Better Business Report Mentoring Program.  I give you every income-increasing strategy, tactic and trade secret I’ve learned over nearly four decades – secrets to help you …

      1. Book yourself solid: My trade secrets for attracting all the clients you’ll ever need.
      2. Start making more money immediately: The secret? Pick the lowest-hanging fruit first! Here’s my complete marketing system for spotting the best opportunities; then producing almost immediate, explosive profits.
      3. Get paid what you’re worth: How I track productivity, parts and revenue
      4. Keep clients with you for years; maybe even forever:  My time-tested techniques for making your client feel he’d sooner chew off his own right arm than change mechanics.

In short, the Better Business Report Mentoring Program gives you all the proven strategies and tactics you need to attract clients and companies you now only dream about working with …

 … Into dream clients who’ll begin handing you big pay cheques now and windfall profits for years, even decades to come!

It all begins with your clients …

So I help you start there too – with my complete system for finding, qualifying and reconnecting with those clients most likely to make you rich … negotiating win-win deals they can’t refuse … and structuring promotions they’ll be eager to respond to.

A few highlights …

      • How to find and target dream clients and companies you can quickly and easily capture and make yours exclusively …
      • Secrets that let you quickly identify the key decision-maker in each company – and to get past his or her assistant in record time …
      • How to qualify each potential client in ways that guarantee they`re ready, willing and able to pay you what you deserve for the reassurance of trouble free motoring …
      • How to present your promotions in ways that have the prospective client champing at the bit to work with you …
      • How to create iron-clad repair orders that guarantees you’ll be paid every cent you’ve earned – and that will also shield you from unforeseen legal and regulatory muddles later on.
      • And much, MUCH MORE.

OK … So you’ve bagged yourself

some super-star clients.

 Your income potential is off the charts.

 NOW what?

 You’ve got to deliver; THAT’S  what!

Of course, to do that, you’ll need to do a heck of a lot more than perform just any old service and repairs.

You’ll need to deliver the quality and presentation required to earn your place as a highly valued member of your client’s dream team.

No worries – it’s all here for you!

I show you:

      • How to make a huge splash with your new client:  Six easy ways to instantly spot the opportunities most likely to give both your client and you the richest payoff possible – and do it in the shortest time and with minimum effort …
      • My #1 secret for sudden, massive growth:  This one, simple change in your positioning can transform a $400,000 -a-year pipsqueak company into $1 million industry-dominating Goliath in a single year. (Actual results; I’ve actually done this several times and I show you how you can, too.) …
      • How to harness what Einstein once called “the most powerful force in the universe:” It multiplies your client’s sales – and your pay cheques – by an order of magnitude!
      • How to keep explosive profit growth going for years:  Six ways to identify products, offers and new niches that virtually guarantee you a grand-slam and a truly eye-popping pay cheque – on pretty much every one of your  promotions …
      • And much, MUCH MORE!

Your sales and profits are exploding …

You’re making money hand over fist …

Now, it’s time to make sure you

KEEP the gravy train going for


Clients will stay with you so long as you meet their expectations.  Right?

Not necessarily …

The simple truth is some things are more important than money. 

Like chemistry, for instance.

You see, it really doesn’t matter how good your service is if your client dreads coming to see you.

And Lord knows your life will be a living hell if you can’t stand working with a client or their employees!

In nearly 40 years in this business, I’ve seen more garages and auto shops lose profitable relationships because of bad chemistry than for any other reason.

I’ve pretty much seen it all:  Personality conflicts … communication disasters … employee nightmares … power plays … political nit-picking … you name it.

That’s why, in the Better Business Mentoring Program, I give you scores of strategies and tactics to neutralize disagreements, squabbles and even outright attacks instantly …

So you and your client can focus on what really matters:  Boosting their motoring experience and your income!

Just a few gems awaiting you in the Better Business Report Mentoring Program

      • Whose idea will work best?  This simple three-word statement stops disagreements in their tracks and gets you the correct answer fast …
      • Kingdom-builders, junkyard dogs, poseurs and slackers; the four most dangerous types of employees you’ll ever face.  How to neutralize each one …
      • The time when conducting a service for free could make you a huge pile of money …
      • How to navigate the “jealous employee” minefield without getting blown away …
      • Your client suddenly complains he’s paying you too much:  How to instantly defuse one of the most dangerous situations you’ll face …
      • Linchpin employees:  How to spot the people in your client’s company who have the power to make you or break you; how to enlist them as your greatest allies and champions …
      • And much, MUCH MORE!

A one-time investment …

that pays dividends every month for the

rest of your life.

 We both know that times are tough and getting tougher every day.

We also know that an uncertain economy means thousands of people need you more than ever before – not just to help them with better vehicle maintenance and repairs … but to survive.

You, on the other hand, could certainly use a better class of clients … not to mention, a smarter, and more profitable way to work with those clients.

That means every single strategy, tactic and secret you pick up in the Better Business Mentoring Program could easily put thousands of dollars … tens of thousands … maybe even $100,000 or more into your pocket.

Right?  Right.

Plus, if you’re like I once was, I’d guess that you’ve probably spent a not-so-small fortune and many, many months to learn your trade.

And I’d also be willing to guess that you’ve invested next to ZERO time or money learning how to leverage your skills in ways that maximize your income.

Wouldn’t it follow, then, that you’re only running half a business and only earning half the money your skills should be making you?  Maybe even LESS than half?

Now, I don’t mean to offend – but isn’t that kind of … you know … not smart?

 … Kind of like plunking down a half-million bucks on a shiny new Ferrari, then trying to pinch pennies by avoiding petrol pumps?

You sure won’t get far with a strategy like that!

Besides:  If you’re looking for a business model capable of multiplying your income …

Doesn’t it just make sense to grab it from the guy who’s already done it?

The Better Business Mentoring Program gives you my entire approach; every strategy, every tactic, every nuance – the entire business model I used to turn a struggling $58,000 motor garage into a $2.5 Million (about $6 million in today’s figures) industry giant.

Apply for your FREE business audit and consultation NOW and qualify to join the Better Business Report Mentoring Program. Simply fill in the information box on this page or call 043 883 0937 NOW for more information.

Then, after the consultation take a few days to think it over.  Take all the notes you like.  Begin using the business building techniques I teach you.

 Plus, I’ll throw in a special FREE report …

“8 Specific, Actionable and Practical Ideas

That Have Made MILLIONS for Me,

My Business Partners and Clients”

 Call it a gift … a bribe … a pot-sweetener … whatever you like. But this valuable bonus is just what you need to kick your business into high gear right from the start!

Because let’s face it … you need clients. You could have all the sales and marketing skills in the world, but without clients – good, high-paying ones – none of that would amount to a hill of beans.

Not to worry. This special report is your fast track to where your best prospective clients are hiding. You’ll get eight proven strategies for finding and landing them – loaded with practical, step-by-step instruction to make the process a piece of cake.

In this remarkable report, you’ll discover …

      • The four qualities of a great client …
      • How to spot a client you shouldn’t touch even with a ten-foot pole …
      • Why you are always one good sales letter away from having all the money you need!
      • Two magic words that can quadruple the responses of your ads … overnight!
      • Why competing on price alone will put you out of business in a heartbeat … and how to persuade your customers to happily buy what you’re selling … even if it’s more expensive!
      • The most important component of an ad … and … how to make a slight change to increase your results by up to 500%!
      • How to get orders from people who have already decided not to order!
      • The real reason people don’t buy from you … and what to do about it!
      • How to turn refunds and complaints into sales!
      • How to totally eliminate all doubt and skepticism from the mind of your prospects!
      • How to ferret out the real reason why people buy from your competition … and why not you!
      • And much, MUCH MORE.

In short, this report is your ultimate resource for finding the best clients – and keeping them coming back for more: The secrets it reveals could be worth thousands of dollars to you – maybe hundreds of thousands – in new business coming to you in the next year!

Best of all, my special report, “8 Specific, Actionable and Practical Ideas That Have Made MILLIONS for Me, My Business Partners and Clients” is totally FREE – just for ordering your business audit and consultation now!

Time for a quick I.Q. test:

What would be the SMART thing to do now?

 Answer #1:

“I’d rather learn how to make money the s-l-o-w  way – with 27 long years of painful trials and costly errors.”

Or …

Answer #2:

“I’d rather order the FREE business audit and consultation and special report and begin multiplying my income in just sixty minutes.”

Frankly, if your answer is, “Number ONE!” please do us both a favour:  Whatever you do, DO NOT order the Better Business audit and marketing consultation.  I fear there’s not much I or anyone else can do to help you.

But if your answer is, “I want to learn how to multiply my income from someone who’s already done it,” it’s easy:  Just fill in the information box on this web page or call 043 883 0937 now.

To be perfectly honest, it sure seems like a no-brainer to me!

So, what are you waiting for?

To apply now – AND claim your FREE copy of    “8 Specific, Actionable and Practical Ideas That Have Made MILLIONS For Me, My Business Partners and Clients”– Just fill in the information box on this web page or call 043 883 0937 TODAY!

We’ll book your FREE business audit and consultation as quickly as possible – so you can begin multiplying your income right away!

Warmest regards,


Bob Lyon

Bob Lyon

The Better Business Report

Showing small and medium sized businesses how to get more customers, improve their profits and make better use of their time

P.S. Remember: I’ve spent 27-plus years developing and perfecting this system. And it’s the same system I used to rake in over $100,000 per month – and that’s during the ugliest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  It can work for you, too … but only if you take action and order your FREE business audit, marketing consultation and special report today!