“We had run our own advertising many times before usually throwing together a photo and some words and getting a reasonable enquiry rate.

But when we started using Bob’s strategies our sales started to skyrocket. Our most recent newspaper ad has pulled 568 sales to date worth over $9000. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

David Berrill – Bevic Auto Parts, VIC

“I received a letter in the mail one day that literally changed our lives. It was from a company called The Better Business Report.

My husband and I were battling to keep our doors open and at the time would have been better off working for somebody else earning wages. We met with Bob Lyon and he saw the potential in us and our business and offered to take us on as his client. I was apprehensive at first wondering how we could afford Bob’s business coaching until I realised we couldn’t afford NOT to have him.

With Bob’s professional coaching and motivation, he has helped us turn our business around. We have come from a disorganised, struggling mess with huge debt which were causing our personal life to suffer as well, to a well balanced, focused and profitable business.

We now enjoy our life and our work; it’s not just a job any more. We are building a secure future for ourselves and our children and are well on our way to being totally debt free.

Thank you Bob, for all your help.”

Jason and Vicki Jarvis – East-Com Wreckers, VIC

“I had just received a phone call from my accountant; he wanted to recheck my profit and loss statement. He knew we hadn`t increased our staff and couldn`t believe the 342% increase in profits over last year. I had to explain that the figures were correct and that I had been working with Bob who had shown Malcolm and me how to get the best out of our business.”

Janis Ellis – Carerra Automotive Repairs Croydon

“I had almost given into the pressures of business when Bob Lyon entered my life. After working with Bob over the past two years Bob has shown me better solutions to legitimately increase my profits with basic principles that most of us already know but rarely put into practice. Bob has become part of the furniture, only ever a phone call away. A truly amazing man who has turned my life around.”

Laz Kereszesti – The Workshop Hawthorn

“Bob, thank you for all your hard work this year. You have shown great commitment to making our company a strong and successful automotive workshop. I look forward to many more of your fantastic sessions”

Nik Papas – Montmorency Service Centre

“Finally, I have all the tools I need to move my practice into a highly profitable enterprise, rather than a job that, although I love it, bleeds me dry financially and emotionally. The information that Bob shares is truly priceless. Thank you Bob. Everyone in business should do this for so many reasons”.

Hamish Everard, Naturopath, Pascoe Vale, VIC

“Bob has been a wonderful sounding board for our business. He’s shown me by giving my clients what they want, I get what I want. At the same time I’ve been able to increase my fees and reduce the time it takes to serve my clients.”

Ian Davis – Integrated Wealth Solution, VIC

“I first met Bob Lyon at a seminar he was speaking at where he challenged me to double my business over the next 12 months. At the time I thought he was crazy, that it couldn`t be done. But working with Bob over the next two years not only doubled our business but tripled it, plus we`ve purchased our own office space to house our ever growing number of team members.”

Kate Richie – Chin Communications Melbourne

“At first I was a bit skeptical about taking on a business coach. But after having Bob Lyon recommended to me, I decided to give it a try.

Over the past two and a half years our business has grown enormously with over 60 distributors throughout Australia. And we’re taking on new distributors every month.

We’ve introduced other highly profitable products to our range and Bob’s coaching and guidance has been a huge contributor to our success.”

Krestyna Batty – Janssen Cosmeceutical Australia.

“I first discovered Bob some years ago when he acquired the rights to my course “Inside Secrets Of Advertising” and used it as a high end coaching program.
You may not have heard of Bob but it would be a BIG mistake to underestimate his business genius.”

Brett McFall – Co-Founder of the World Internet Summit

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